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‘Dress to impress’ sums up the uniform pattern of the aviation industry aptly. Cabin crew is the front line ambassadors for every airline. They are reckoned as the life and soul of aviation industry, and rightly so!

Cabin crew members aren’t professionals of any show business. However, their charisma and appeal is universal. No wonder, their uniforms garner so much attention and have always been a hot topic of discussion. Alroz Aviation, one of the top ranking training institutions for aviation training, highlights that there exists a lot of variation when it comes to Cabin Crew Uniforms.

  1. Etihad

Designed by Ettore Bilotta at his atelier in Milan, Etihad Airways’ uniform is based on the fusion of dramatic elements of old world haute couture from the 1960s Paris and Rome with the contemporary fashions of London, New York, Milan and Tokyo.  The uniform is stylish and elegant. Around 30% of the uniform is handmade. The stylish double cut hat adds to the grace of the overall uniform. Cabin crew and Cabin managers adorn brown and magenta coloured hats respectively.

  1. Korean Airways

The super-trendy yet sophisticated celadon blue coats of cabin crew in Korean airlines make the uniform stand out. As per the trainees at Alroz Aviation, the blue sticks adorned in the hair impart the right touch of tradition to the uniform.

  1. Air France

Created and fabricated by French haute couture design legend, Christian Lacro in 2005, the cabin crew uniform of Air France includes black mid-length dresses, along with a chic red sash. It creates the right mix of utility and high fashion.

  1. Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew uniforms of Singapore Airlines deserve a special mention in this list. The uniform was designed by French couturier Pierre Balmain in 1968 for the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. The best part is that the uniform has hardly undergone any alteration in the last 40 years. The crew members continue to wear the sarong kebaya, introduced in 1968. Their outfit has a crisp tailored look, which makes the flight attendants pull off a professional yet elegant look with ease.

  1. Qatar Airways

When it comes to cabin crew uniforms, Qatar Airways knows how to keep it simple but make it stylish. Professionals at Alroz Aviation believe that the maroon colour of the uniform add to its overall grace. The courteous behaviour of the crew members goes well with the tone of the uniform.

We know the list doesn’t end here. Want to add more? Let us know in the comment section!


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