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As I have already said, Volvos are never my inclination at whatever point I choose to travel. This time 9 hours’ adventure drove me into the wildlife santuary of Jim Corbett. As per my expectations, the journey filled me with an adrenalin rush, the twisted roads like a loved one’s locks, the greenery of an endless sight, the sunrise touching your soul, all these minute experiences made every second of my trip worth it.

Jim Corbett is known to everyone, where tigers are spotted by some fortunate ones and the widely varied vegetation is the free of cost administration. The primary day of my excursion included nearby touring and the desert safari. To make every last bit of your woods investigation worth, everything you need is a jeep ride. The Jeep ride to the wilderness was sensational to me. It goes through the perpetual water resources and a thick dense forested territory of the Corbett.

Deers on the jeep track and tree marks signifying tiger’s territory is a common sight in Jim Corbett. The raw structures of the wildlife sanctuary are strategically designed that in such a manner that rainwater can cause no harm to the wildlife and the creatures’ routine exercises. Unfortunately we could not see the tigers but we were able to spot barking deer, Sambar and some wild elephants. It would be no less than a superb ordeal on the off chance that you are sufficiently lucky to witness the sun becoming flushed like a love bird behind the mountains. I appreciated all of the outing and it was the tremendously required break from my monotonous work place.

Last modified: May 2, 2016

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