Undertake some Home Projects because its Freezing Outside.

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Winter season has arrived, so it’s time to undertake some home projects that must be managed before it starts freezing outside and the days turn short. These projects include restoring your house and ensuring that its heating system works efficiently. Experts of Modi Builders suggest a few things you should fix now, before the weather troubles you.

Fix the heating system, if needed

The first thing to start with is your thermostat. Switch on the thermostat and set it to heat, for over 5 degrees warmer than room temperature. Check if your room gets heated to the set temperature. And if it does not, there is something wrong with the thermostat’s heating system. In such a case, call a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) professional to check and service the heating system.

Get the fireplace in order

If you wish to use the wood-burning fireplace on a regular basis, amass sufficient firewood and protect the wood from getting damp in rain. Also, look over the fireplace. Flash a light up into the chimney from the interior of the fireplace. Check if some birds or rodents haven’t built a nest in the chimney.

Shield water pipes

If you live in a place where outdoor temperatures fall below the freezing temperature, you need to protect the water pipes that run through unheated spaces, like a loft or crawlspace. For this, you can purchase reasonably priced foam pipe insulation sleeves from a home improvement outlet. The foam is sliced along the pipe’s length so you can easily push them over pipes.

Flush the water heater

In cold weather, water travelling through outdoor pipes to supply your water heater becomes ice-cold. To ensure that your water heater works longer to heat that chilling water, it’s important to flush it once or twice a year. Mineral deposits surge over time and cover the bottom of the tank, dropping heat transmission from the burners at the base. Flushing out the water helps eliminate these deposits.


Last modified: January 11, 2017

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Undertake some Home Projects because its Freezing Outside.

  1. Avatar Inder Singh says:

    Its a nice thought. Without getting affected we can enjoy this winter season.

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