How to Get Published the Easy Way: A Study on Wiley India MD Vikas Gupta

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Rejection is a writer’s boogeyman. Years of hard work on a magnum opus and then it’s all in ashes when the hordes of publishers it is sent to, send it back. However, a lot of writers deserve this shipwreck. Lack of research and over-confidence pushes them into a literary com(m)a. They keep on shooting their work to the same publisher expecting things to change. What writers do not realize is that their work is rarely sent to the right publication house in the right way. It’s highly unlikely your book about ponies to be published if you send it to a publishing house that favors Apache helicopter manuals.

Many might suggest publishing agents or self-publishing as an alternative. But being published in a recognized book brand has its own perks. The only step you need to take is to research publishing houses deeply and who influences them. Check out their publishing guidelines and go through their books to get a wider idea of how you should model your book.

For case study, we’re taking an example: Vikas Gupta Wiley India MD. We got hold of an interview with Vikas Gupta where he talks about his favorite books and what he is working on. Bullseye! According to the Wiley India MD, he loves reading books on business strategies and organizational behavior. We also picked up Vikas Gupta’s keen interest in entrepreneurship. Moreover, he has written a huge number of books on IT and computers. Wiley India publishes books on computer engineering and other sciences as well.

The above facts will come really handy for IT professionals –turned-writers. A book on ‘How to Run an IT Company” has a better shot of being published by Wiley India under Vikas Gupta. But if you’re writing a book on a Bollywoodish love story, you’re better off with Rupa and Co. who has published the works of Chetan Bhagat. Good luck!

Last modified: March 17, 2017

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How to Get Published the Easy Way: A Study on Wiley India MD Vikas Gupta

  1. Avatar Souzie khan says:

    Vikas Gupta Wiley India elected as President of API for the Second Consecutive Year.Vikas Gupta, Wiley India MD’s message to all avid book lovers and the country’s publishing sector at:

  2. Avatar Dr. Deepak Raheja says:

    I am a doctor , a psychologist and I read many books . Vikas gupta wiley india is world famous

  3. Avatar devika says:

    vikas gupta wiley india books are read by my all friends. Better than Penguin , Harper Collins Publishers, Seagull books , my friends says….

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