Why is Online Rummy better than Physical?

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In the last two decades, the whole world went through so many virtual changes that we can say an internet revolution made things not only accessible for rest of the world but a better user experience was preferred while mending things and bringing every possible element over the internet. From shopping to teaching, from yellow pages to finding ‘marriage material person’, from reading books to playing online games, today so many things are available on the internet that I bet, you won’t be surprised to see anything.

The best thing happened during this internet revolution is the availability of games in virtual format. It’s no less than a blessing for a gaming fan like me, who loves to spend hours on the internet in order to sharpen the skills. It’s my priority during my leisure, sure about the majority of game lovers as well.

Online Rummy tops the list of my all time favorites as its virtual features are so alluring that you cannot ignore even a bit of them. At least, I cannot!

So what is so special about Online Rummy that one cannot resist the temptation? Well, I have my own valid reasons; hope you agree with a few of them.

  1. I don’t have to wait for the group to show up and then get settled and then talk and then execute the plan and things keep going on. When it’s about cards, it’s a war for me. I just want to get started ASAP, for which Online Rummy is the best option because I can play it alone with virtual players.
  2. Another reason to fall for Online Rummy is the availability of the game at any time anywhere, with 3G or sometimes even on 2G network, in a few cases. Unlike physical Rummy for which one have to organise everything, sent for people, take out time and other things. Killing the boredom, passing the time during travel or in a family function, is possible because of this saviour, Online Rummy.
  3. Who won’t play if prize-winning has been ensured? I won’t deny such an offer because I am sane enough to grab every opportunity in card games. In physical version, there is no assurance but online has more to offer, which nobody can resist.
  4. The best part about all the online card games including Online Rummy is the effects and scenario shown like the real world. The virtual format can leave anybody awestruck. 3D effect in Online Rummy is something I would like to see on every portal.

If you agree with my ‘legitimate reasons’, then it’s good to have a Rummy warrior like you in this virtual Rummy kingdom.

Welcome and Ace with grace!

Last modified: February 17, 2016

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