Won Rs 2 Lakh in weekly tournament of RummyCircle

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Won Rs 2 Lakh in weekly tournament of RummyCircleI have keen interest in playing rummy but didn’t know much about the game. I had tried the practice sessions of various rummy games but could not successfully take up their tournaments due to lack of proper knowledge.  I read the instructions from “how to play section” but had certain doubts while playing the game. This may be the reason for my failure as rummy is not a hit and trail game. It is totally a game of skillset.

I have played rummy on various online platforms to know more about the game and successfully won a number of tournaments as well. Once I saw my friend writing his concern on rummycircle review site i.e. reviews.rummycircle.com. On enquiring he told me the benefits of raising concerns on this site. He told me that rummycircle has specially developed the sites for players to share their winning strategies and concerns while playing the game. The team reverts to the players concerns immediately and resolves them. On his recommendation, I first cleared all my concerns on their review site. The rummycircle team is quite effective in resolving the issues and addressed all my concerns.  I thought it would be difficult to clear my doubts concerning this game, but to my surprise it was not. Finally after clearing all my doubts, I was able to play the game successfully. I even won Rs 2 Lakh in their weekly tournament. Based on my experience of playing this game on rummycircle.com all I can say is that it is a must download for a card game lover. Also, before starting the actual game, it would be better if you spend some time on RummyCircle’s ‘Practice Game’ feature, because it takes time to adapt to the online version of a literal card game. After that you can start with the Rummy Tournaments.

Last modified: July 23, 2016

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