• Things Only People Who Work From Home Will Understand
    3:32 PM

    Watching T.V all day, eating your favorite food on the bed, working while in pajamas are just some of the heavenly things people who love staying at home understand! But isn’t it fun if you get an opportunity to earn while staying at the comfort of your home? Modi Builders

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  • SKS Ispat Owner Happy with the Draft of National Steel Policy
    6:28 PM

    SKS Ispat owner, Anil Gupta, has expressed his happiness over the drafting of the National Steel Policy 2017. This framework will push the demand for steel in the market. By 2030, the need for steel will rise by 230 million tons. The National Steel Policy will be instrumental in propelling

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  • Shivkishan Agrawal: The man behind the success of Haldiram’s
    11:01 AM

    Shivkishan Agrawal, the Founder and Chairman of Haldiram’s, India’s leading sweets and snacks chain is a shining example of how one can turn dreams into reality. Starting off from the scratch, Shivkishan Agrawal has reached the pinnacles of success through enormous toil. He comes across as a man who always

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  • Flex Packaging Giant Uflex Owes Continual Success to HIPO Identification
    12:39 PM

    The fundamental talent strategy of an organization is to recognize high-potential candidates and ascertain the growth and retention of existing employees. Organizations confirm the criticality of identifying high-potential workforce as a necessary measure to maintain their industrial stature. Such measures help a business sustain even in extreme competitiveness. High-potential employees,

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  • Jagmohan Garg talks about the importance of women empowerment
    5:31 PM

    Jagmohan Garg, Delhi based Real Estate businessman who revolutionized the real estate sector states that it seems like a beacon of hope for many women who long for a better life. It is now held that women can no longer be asked to wait for equal rights.The subject of women

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  • Club Group of Hotels Projects worth over Rs 1 Crore Lined Up
    5:33 PM

    Christmas brought the best present possible for club group of hotels. Adding to their Christmas cheer are two projects worth approx Rs 50 lakh each, located in Kasol and McLeodganj respectively. It serves as a part of the Club Group of Hotels organization’s expansion strategy.  According to their Chief Executive

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