• People for Animals Team Rescue Indian Pond Terrapin Eggs
    3:26 PM

    Alpana Bhartia and her People for Animals (PfA) team witnessed a miracle of nature last week. Two eggs laid by a rescued pond terrapin hatched under the watchful eyes of the veterinary team at the PfA Wildlife Hospital in Kengeri, one on the 25th and the second on the 30th

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  • With Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana, Sahara India Pariwar to educate India
    3:39 PM

    In education lies the way towards development. Even though there are so many prestigious educational institutes in India at graduate and post graduate level, yet there is a wide gap that exists. The basic education that persists in India at primary level is neither available to all nor up to

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  • CMRS defining Corporate Social Responsibility uniquely
    12:12 PM

    Corporate Social Responsibility has not been characterized in any peculiarity but the fact that runs normal in CSR exercises is the positive effect that it has on the general public and the societal expectations that it satisfies. CMRS Group trusts that though the focal point of CSR lies around humanitarian

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  • Destitute Grateful To Neptune Group For Help
    10:17 AM

    Winston Churchill has quoted, “Responsibility is the Price of Greatness”. The line very judiciously explains the role of Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility has become as important as the main quest for greatness by companies. It comes as a sense of duty which one wants to fulfill in a

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