A Radical step to reshape the Indian education industry

The Indian education system has long been criticized for its promotion of rote learning, outdated curriculum, lack of adequate...



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Visionaries who rode against the tide and transformed India’s ed-tech scenario

Carving a niche demands a lot of courage, persistence and will power. India boasts of several daring...


Teaching in China opens up a new world for foreign teachers across the globe

China is a big country, with a large population and a diverse culture. It is developing very fast and the...

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Flaws of Indian education system, leaving behind a big loop hole in country’s progress

The education system of any country is reflection of its coming tomorrow. Besides, the Indian educations...

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The evolution and future of online exams in technology-driven world

Technology started to dominate the world in the later part of the 20th century. It took over all the sectors...

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Alliance University Chancellor

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Alliance University Chancellor: Budget 2018-19 might facilitate education infrastructure

No country can flourish without ensuring the development of requisite skills, which play an important role in...

Madhukar Angur


Sudhir Angur talks about the reforms in Indian Education System

Education is one of the most essential aspects in human life. In the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘Education is...


Consumer Behavior and Branding: The Practice of Marketing Excellence

At the heart of marketing excellence is a commitment to understanding consumers and what they value. The...


Prof Sudhir Angur talks about how to crack interviews with ease.

Our modern world is getting better and so is the competition. There are lots of multinational companies now...