• Haida HR giving a new direction to teachers’ careers around the globe
    4:05 PM

    Many people are interested in gaining international experience to give a new direction to their professional career. Haida Interact International Company Ltd is providing such opportunity to teachers around the globe. The Hangzhou-based company is providing a chance to the foreign teachers to work in China and live the life

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  • Akshaya Patra Organized Bikers Rally To Eliminate Classroom Hunger
    11:32 AM

    Flags bearing the message ‘No child in India shall remain derived of education because of hunger’ flickered in air as the bikes with thunderous rumble took off for a rally organized by Akshaya Patra in Hyderabad. Over 300 two-wheelers such as Royal Enfield, Triumph, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Renegade Commando, Regal

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  • All you need to know about publishing process by Vikas Gupta
    5:36 PM

    Everyone thinks the course of publishing a book only includes three steps. First, the book’s rough manuscript is drafted. Then after heavy editing, the printing manuscript is produced and finally the product is printed. Well, the reality is far more complex. As Vikas Gupta puts it, there are eight different

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  • Tips to Confidently Sit Through Entrance Exams
    12:12 PM

    Students today spend ton of efforts, time, and money on coaching classes every year to crack various entrance exams. The ratio is escalating with a simultaneous increase of pressure on students to score exceptionally well. Wiley India brings top ten tips that students can follow to confidently sit for an

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  • Digital Testing : Behind the Scenes of the Smooth Online Examination
    3:45 PM

    Knowledge is divine. It is the key to human evolution. But what makes an individual confirm that it has retained the know-how of a certain topic or a skill? The answer is: tests. Tests and assessments have evolved from proving one’s hunting prowess in the stone-age to written examinations in

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