• GST Bill: Is it really going to be a law?
    6:44 PM

    Is tax a good thing? The answer would vary, depending on how you want your country or state to fare. Tax is important for the smooth running of a government. Until we pay taxes, the government cannot collect money to raise the infrastructure, build schools, and pay salaries to the

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  • Subrata Roy’s ‘Life Mantras’ tops Nielsen BookScan
    5:04 PM

    The recently launched book ‘Life Mantras‘, the first of the trilogy ‘Thoughts from Tihar’, written by Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy has topped the non-fiction category of Nielsen BookScan, pushing into second spot the popular Manorama Yearbook 2016. The recently unveiled book brought out by Rupa Publication, has topped the non-fiction book

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  • The Global Presence of Sahara India Pariwar in the Hospitality Sector
    3:18 PM

    Sahara India Pariwar is an Indian conglomerate that has made an indelible mark on the global business industry. Not only does the company own a Formula 1 team, but to further strengthen its international presence, has 3 very luxurious and famous international hotels. Grosvenor House – London Grosvenor House opened

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  • Pawan Bansal of Altius Finserv talks about GST bill 2016
    12:24 PM

    Much is being said about the 2016 GST bill in the media by various politicians, most of them criticizing Pm Narendra Modi on unsubstantial issues. It seems as if the entire idea is to give rise to a chaotic air and cloud the benefits or disadvantages of GST bill and

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  • Walsh departure won’t impact hockey team: Selector Harbinder
    12:09 PM

    New Delhi, Jan 14 (IANS) Indian hockey selector Harbinder Singh Wednesday said the departure of Terry Walsh as India’s chief coach will not have any impact on the team’s fortunes. Walsh demanded an improved contract after masterminding India’s 2014 Asian Games gold at Incheon. Walsh wanted a contract that would

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  • India’s Mars Orbiter team wins US award
    5:33 AM

    Chennai, Jan 13 (IANS) India’s Mars Orbiter programme team has won the 2015 Space Pioneer Award in the science and engineering category from the US based National Space Society (NSS), the society said. In a statement issued in Washington Monday, the NSS said its 2015 Space Pioneer Award in the

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