• Organ transplantation at Artemis Hospital: Transforming lives
    5:42 PM

    Organ transplantation is certainly the most remarkable of the achievements of modern medicine. Artemis Hospital, a leading multi-specialty hospital in Gurgaon believes that a successful transplant can give a fresh lease of life to someone. No wonder, the Liver transplant department often uses the tag line “Changing livers, changing lives”!

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  • World Cancer Awareness Day spreads awareness at NIMS
    12:40 PM

    Cancer is a large family of deadly diseases leading to abnormal growth of cells with a threat to invade other body parts. It results in the formation of a tumor having unregulated growth of cells with diffused distribution. This fatal disease is widely spreading with the potential to claim several

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  • Dr. Balbir Singh Tomar shares tips for a healthy heart
    5:52 PM

    Since ages, heart ailments have been responsible for a huge number of deaths. And the situation has been getting worse as the lives are becoming stressful and daily routines sedentary. And those who think heart problems cant affect them as long as they are young, here is the myth breaker;

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  • AMCC talks about benefits of Alternative Medicines
    11:24 AM

    Alternative Medicine refers to a system which bears a difference from the widely followed conventional medicine. It is in contrast with the allopathic system. Allopathy consists of an art of labeling, called ‘diagnosis’ and is held in very high esteem. Medical diagnosis simply allows a doctor to link the set

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  • AMCC offering Homeopathy courses at various levels
    4:14 PM

    Homeopathy is perhaps the most trusted form of alternative medicine in the world. Developed in 1796, it has over centuries proved its mettle. Alternative Medical Council Calcutta (AMCC) is perhaps the only institute in India that offers a wide variety of homeopathy courses at various levels for the students. This

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  • VARCO by OPTM health care– a herb-based answer to varicose veins
    4:17 PM

    With many people turning towards more natural ways of treatment, OPTM health care stands as a leader of herb-based treatments with its special range of phytomedicines. Recently, the healthcare has introduced VARCO, a natural herb-based medicine for vein related ailments. The medicine is expected to harness much response owing to

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  • Naturopathy course at AMCC – A bright career option
    2:59 PM

      When a visionary like PM Narendra Modi puts his faith in something, then it must be worth the praise. And when he further recommends to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to cure his infamous cough, then it is definitely something trustworthy. Yes, we are talking about naturopathy. Naturopathy isn’t

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  • Plastic Surgery by Panacea Hospital- Redefine your looks
    4:01 PM

    First impression is the last impression that projects your image. Physical appearance is the most important prospective of one’s life. In today’s world you may be the best but if your looks and appearance is not normal you are not countable as a successful person be it professional, social or

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  • Google Glass used at Lifeline Hospital in a surgery
    4:18 PM

    Lifeline Hospitals is a fine name all across the country when it comes to the healthcare sector. A predominant reason for this is the expertise the doctors hold and the facilities the hospital offers. It is a host to various high tech medical and allied equipments and the latest addition

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