• Make your Smartphone even smarter with Slanzer
    12:04 PM

    Limits don’t exist in such an era when possibilities keep occurring on daily basis. Similarly, owning a Smartphone is not the end of acknowledging this form of technology. You can always add a cherry on the top to make your life simpler and your Smartphone, even smarter. Slanzer Technology Pvt

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  • Slanzer Technology hopeful with Make in India week
    5:16 PM

    The Make in India week just got started and the initiative is already catching fire as the stage during the event witnessed the same. Like, literally! People are calling it not a good start but on the other hand, there is no lack of such people who are still hopeful with the

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  • Slanzer Power Banks trending in the gadget market
    5:56 PM

    Mobile dependent work schedules have made the device an essential part of human life. With the draining battery, our worries start increasing as it undoubtedly stirs the calm ocean of emotion. To keep up with the trend of mobile usage, there are numerous brands that came up with the concept

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  • Slanzer Technology and Micromax on Make in India
    3:29 PM

    As the policy of Make in India came in inception, the manufacturing units and assembly lines of Indian mobile handset industry started shifting from China to India because of the policy’s significant role in Nation’s growth. This shifting is not limited to Handset industry only, automobiles, engineering and other companies are

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  • Slanzer Technology offers a wide range of strikingly and stylish Earphones
    4:58 PM

    Slanzer Technology Pvt. Ltd, a prominent name in the technology and gadget industry offers a wide range of earphones for the most amazing sound experience ever. They are comfortable, sleek, fashionable, lightweight and ultra-compact. These earphones are one of the best options for hands free conversation. They have a built-in

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  • Slanzer presents wide range of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
    10:45 AM

    Wireless is the new trend! This century is advanced where most of the things not only infuse state of the art technology, but concept of wireless items as well, for easy accessibility of the item or product. The recent advancement in gadget industry which is creating hype is Wireless Bluetooth

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