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  • Jignesh Shah: The risk-taking champion
    5:50 PM

    Jignesh Shah has made a fortune without having any kind of background in the field of finance. His only plus point: The aptitude to take calculated risks. He always knew that taking calculated risks is winning and winning ensures huge returns. After cashing in the technological boom that exchanges portrayed

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  • Stock Market Get’s a New Bull
    11:08 AM

    Mr. Jignesh Shah is slowly and steadily emerging as the winning fighter in the battleground of India’s stock market trade. His current fight seems to be with that of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). NSE’s forte lies in its current monopoly in the Indian stock market after it overtaking the

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  • NSEL E-series launches E-Silver
    2:40 PM

    With the launch of E-series new product E-Silver, NSEL has brought in cheer in the financial market of the nation. The company owes a shred of the product’s success to entrepreneur Jignesh Shah who is the innovator of NSEL. NSEL is going to prosper more with their new product because

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  • Jignesh Shah-The paragon of excellence and acumen
    2:14 PM

    Jignesh Shah is widely acknowledged and accredited as the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets’ owing to his key role in shaping the contours of exchange trading in India and emerging economies. He is the Chairman of the $2.5 billion Financial Technologies Group, who is well recognized for his professional expertise

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