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Sanjay Dalmia organizes Soul-Stirring Sufi Night at his Delhi Residence

Business mogul and nationalist Sanjay Dalmia recently hosted a Sufi night at his Tees January Marg residence. It was a soul-soothing night...

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Sri Lal Mahal Group MD, Prem Garg: Bureaucracy needs to be limited for trade to flourish

Having carved a niche for itself in the global rice market, Sri Lal Mahal Group is a name that requires no...

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Distance MBA is best suited for working professionals

There’s an unnecessary shroud of shame covering distance MBA programs. People have assumed that these...

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Very Happy with Brother’s Wedding, says Ankit Tiwari’s Brother

Arranged Marriage Rituals that exist today Proved Singer Ankit Tiwari Arranged marriages are back in vogue!...

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Alliance University Chancellor

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Alliance University Chancellor: Budget 2018-19 might facilitate education infrastructure

No country can flourish without ensuring the development of requisite skills, which play an important role in...

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Deal with injuries during race trainings with these steps

Running is quite simple. However, opting it as a sport, people enter in the complex zone. Dr Ashwani Maichand...

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Frozen shoulder, as explained by Dr Ashwani Maichand

Frozen shoulder is a condition that limits the range of motion by causing inflammation of the capsule and...

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Dr Ashwani Maichand explains the importance of key nutrients for women at various stages of life

Women must revisit their eating habits to overcome the deficiency of minerals and vitamins, according to Dr...

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Demand for human resource increasing in Aviation industry

Airplanes were invented around the 17th Century. Alroz Aviation, an aviation training institute in Delhi,...