• Chef Sanjeev Kapoor To Inaugurate Akshaya Patra Boston Benefit Gala 2017.
    5:24 PM

    The Akshaya Patra Foundation (APF) announced its Boston Benefit Gala 2017 on April 28th, at the Cambridge Marriott Boston. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has been invited as the keynote speaker along with HGTV and Food Network interior designer Taniya Nayak, who will be the Master of Ceremonies. Sanjeev Kapoor is amongst

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  • Undertake some Home Projects because its Freezing Outside.
    5:16 PM

    Winter season has arrived, so it’s time to undertake some home projects that must be managed before it starts freezing outside and the days turn short. These projects include restoring your house and ensuring that its heating system works efficiently. Experts of Modi Builders suggest a few things you should

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  • Subrata Roy to launch Think With Me on Sunday, his second book in trilogy
    11:15 AM

    Think With Me Summit: Earlier this year, Subrata Roy penned down a thought-provoking book, where he talked a lot about life. Popularly known as ‘Saharasri’, the Sahara chief wrote his first book Life Mantras from behind the bars, and released it on February 1, which was coincidentally, the group’s foundation

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  • How right Is the Demonetization step taken by PM Modi
    12:13 PM

    On 8th November the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, made an announcement that shook the whole world. But most tremors were obviously felt in India. PM Modi declared a total ban on currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. This brave step is called Demonetization. With some exceptions,

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  • Microsoft Bribing People to use its Windows 10 Edge Browser
    5:11 PM

    With Google Chrome latest announcement plans to withdraw support for apps in Chrome for Windows because hardly anyone uses them, Microsoft resorts to bribes to get people using Edge browser of Windows 10. Technology giant Microsoft debuted its Edge browser with Windows 10, replacing its often-trolled Internet Explorer to come

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  • GST Bill: Is it really going to be a law?
    6:44 PM

    Is tax a good thing? The answer would vary, depending on how you want your country or state to fare. Tax is important for the smooth running of a government. Until we pay taxes, the government cannot collect money to raise the infrastructure, build schools, and pay salaries to the

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  • Woodpecker Furniture revolutionizing home décor
    4:44 PM

    Woodpecker Furniture was started as a humble venture in Besant Nagar, Chennai. The small initiative more resembled a ‘garage sale’ at least that’s the name our customers nomenclated us with. Woodpecker Furniture was incepted a decade ago as a basement shop and the trajectory of growth led us to branches

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