• International Youth day, a festivity brighter than Diwali
    4:47 PM

    The 12th day of August is observed as the International Youth Day (IYD), across the globe. This happened in 2000, when the UN general assembly accepted the recommendations made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for youth, and thus passed a resolution. So much for history! Here is the

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  • CMRS defining Corporate Social Responsibility uniquely
    12:12 PM

    Corporate Social Responsibility has not been characterized in any peculiarity but the fact that runs normal in CSR exercises is the positive effect that it has on the general public and the societal expectations that it satisfies. CMRS Group trusts that though the focal point of CSR lies around humanitarian

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  • Rudraksh Group: Using sports as a vehicle for CSR
    4:44 PM

    The discharge of corporate social responsibility by way of sponsoring sport events is a novel idea and a lot of companies are indulging in various efforts aimed at giving back to the society. A sport, more than any other potential vehicle, contains qualities that make it a powerful force in

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