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  • Core Muscle in orthopedic rehabilitation
    10:22 AM

    What is your Core? It is defined as the centre or “core” of your body. It is the “powerhouse” around which all limb movement is performed. It consists of 29 pairs of muscles as well as bony, ligamentus, and discs structures that support the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex in order to stabilise

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  • Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery
    12:01 PM

    According to Dr Maichand (Ashwani Maichand), When your knee doesn’t respond to medications and treatments, knee replacement surgery is the last option. The advancements in medical technology have led to precise and highly functional artificial knee implants that nearly duplicate the way the human knee moves—and are custom fit for your

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  • Open Surgery vs Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Which is better
    12:55 PM

    Spinal surgery is a complex procedure. To overcome the challenges associated with ‘open surgery’, top orthopedicians like Dr Ashwani Maichand are now relying on the minimally invasive surgical technique. Unlike the traditional surgical method that involves a long incision and considerable blood loss, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, or MISS, is

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  • Four common foot problems and its causes, listed by Dr Ashwani Maichand
    11:16 AM

    Not many people are born with foot problems. “Painful foot ailments often result from improper care, ill-fitting shoes, circulatory disorders, or simple wear and tear”, says Delhi’s top orthopedist Dr Ashwani Maichand. These conditions may affect different parts of the foot, such as heels, toes, joints, nerves, tendons or ligaments.

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