• Sugary Future Implies Bitter India
    12:28 PM

    With the increase in the number of patients with diabetes in India, The country’s health is threatening to become a major source of concern. After the laws on tobacco and alcohol went strict, experts stipulated increased taxes on sugary drinks, which, on consumption lead to insulin resistance. A recent study

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  • Modi Builders Review Some Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen
    3:12 PM

    Kitchen being an important part of the house, the concepts of Vastu ventures to upgrade the kitchen’s aura, keeping in mind certain fundamental components. For example, the placement of kitchen, directions of the windows and entryways in the kitchen, area of the kitchen in the house, position of electronic devices,

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  • Your organic protein diet with Ravin Jhunjhunwala
    4:45 PM

    Remember that balanced diet chart hanging on the classroom wall, differentiating carbohydrates from minerals, fat from protein and what not. That classroom science was boring to the students but its importance has increased during this time when stressed minds and bodies need a balance of health and taste to live

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