National Immunisation Programme National Immunization Programme (NIP) belongs to the Ministry of Health. It is a unit that focusses on preventing diseases, disability and death from diseases that can be prevented using vaccines in both children and adults. A National Immunization Programme falls under the government and works under the guidelines of overall health policy. National Immunisation Programme is usually used interchangeably with Expanded Programme on Immunization or EPI. Initially, it focused on stopping vaccine-preventable diseases in children. With the help of EPI and NIP, there have been major developments in the field of medicine. National Immunisation Programme is helping companies such as Pancea Biotech in bringing forward medicines that are effective in fighting multiple diseases in children. For instance, Easy Five is one such medicine which is used to fight against five infectious childhood diseases, ad has been developed by Pancea Biotech. The company has also partnered with other firms and developed multiple vaccines for Anthrax and more. NIP has been acting as a tool that is helping in developing these medicines and reducing the impact of diseases in children, and adults alike.

Panacea Biotec collaborates with SII to manufacture and sell hexavalent vaccine

In a bid to decrease the count of injections needed to comply with pediatric vaccination requirement, hexavalent vaccine has been developed...

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