Pediatric Vaccination Pediatric vaccination is a biologically prepared vaccine that provides immunity to a specific disease. Vaccination is defined as the process of administering the vaccine into a person’s body to help them fight as well as prevent diseases. The schedule of vaccinations is set so as to determine the time and intensity of a dosage given to a person. Such vaccinations are generally a compulsory requirement for children. Infants and children are heavily prone to all sorts of diseases and disorders in their age group and it is important to give them the appropriate vaccinations at the correct age to avoid long term issues. Though every family must thoroughly follow the schedule of child’s immunization, a missed vaccine date can be compensated for by having a discussion with doctor. Diseases like chickenpox, smallpox, measles, Polio, etc have observed a serious drop in cases since their vaccines were regularly administered to children at a tender age. Generally, there are no side effects of a vaccine. However, in any cases of an allergic or unique reaction, make an appointment with the nearest doctor as soon as possible.

Panacea Biotec collaborates with SII to manufacture and sell hexavalent vaccine

In a bid to decrease the count of injections needed to comply with pediatric vaccination requirement, hexavalent vaccine has been developed...

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