Prometric Testing Pvt ltd

  • Delivering flawless high stake exams not a challenge for Prometric
    6:05 PM

    Computerized testing challenges the traditional way of exam delivery. Testing companies like Prometric believe that it can provide a far better system for conducting flawless exams, which is lacking in paper-based exams. The company’s claims ring a bell, because the real purpose of conducting any test is to ascertain the

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  • Computer testing companies bringing in a ‘Seamless Secured System’ in place
    12:52 PM

    Over the years, we have witnessed numerous exams getting cancelled due to paper leaks or cheating chaos in examination halls. Companies like Prometric− who administer computer-based testing programs−help us in beating such challenges.  Computerized testing is not only convenient, but way more secure than paper-based exams. Computer-based testing programs come

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  • Prometric : Perfect Ingredients to a Smooth Computer-based Testing Experience
    1:21 PM

    Prometric : You can’t sharpen a blade without a grindstone. Similarly, the lack of examinations will contribute to the dumbing-down of education if left unchecked. Assessments and evaluation have evolved through multiple folds throughout history. At the peak of Sparta’s civilization, children were sent to the ‘Agoge’ where they would

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  • Digital Testing : Behind the Scenes of the Smooth Online Examination
    3:45 PM

    Knowledge is divine. It is the key to human evolution. But what makes an individual confirm that it has retained the know-how of a certain topic or a skill? The answer is: tests. Tests and assessments have evolved from proving one’s hunting prowess in the stone-age to written examinations in

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  • Mock Tests by Prometric to help students for the actual exam
    5:52 PM

    While transforming pen-paper tests into more advanced and secure online based format is fast becoming a preferred idea, it leads to a greater challenge for some students who find it difficult to acquiesce to this change. Their discomfort with technology and over developed convenience with the conventional pen-paper based method

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