Real Estate

  • Jagmohan Garg Commends Home buyers Indulgence in Property Market Despite Slowdown
    5:12 PM

    A long-drawn slowdown in the property market was experienced following demonetization.However,home buyers are yet again showing indulgence despite the sluggish trends. Observing how things have changed in the past few months, Jagmohan Garg, Delhi realtor appreciated home buyers for scaling the business with their interest rising in property sector.The realty

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  • Impact of Union Budget 2017 on Real Estate
    6:01 PM

    Union Budget 2017 was well-received by the nation. As Finance Minister Arun Jaitley read the plans for the fiscal year 2017-2018, the public cheered for the proposed loan reforms and tax slab revisions. This budget is expected to redefine the Indian economy. Experts from Arun Dev Builders Ltd agree that

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  • Real estate: Realtor Jagmohan Garg lists top 5 cities to invest in 2017
    11:33 AM

    The year 2016’s budget and Indian government’s Smart City move had together made conditions favorable for home buyers. The first list of 20 smart cities released in January 2016 presented a few locations, which aren’t one of the famous residential places today, but will transform significantly with sustainable real estate,

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  • Undertake some Home Projects because its Freezing Outside.
    5:16 PM

    Winter season has arrived, so it’s time to undertake some home projects that must be managed before it starts freezing outside and the days turn short. These projects include restoring your house and ensuring that its heating system works efficiently. Experts of Modi Builders suggest a few things you should

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  • New building bye-laws for Delhi to ease approvals, documentation
    12:21 PM

    The real estate sector is rejoicing as real estate and construction projects in Delhi will now get government approvals within 30 days, said Earth Infrastructures Ltd, a leading real estate developer of Delhi NCR. The approvals will happen through an integrated online single window approval process under the revised building

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  • Key issues in Real Estate Bill 2016 are put off the shelf
    3:26 PM

    The government’s efforts to pull out stumbling stones from the industry, has led to the Real Estate Regulator Bill. Adjourned amendments underneath the Real Estate Bill are discouraged by almost all the developers. Certain areas were suppose to gain center of focus, for which the top real estate development companies

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