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  • Sharda University Advices Educated People To Double As Literacy Tutors
    2:59 PM

    There are a plethora of problems gripping the world, all at once- poverty, pollution, crime, terrorism, unemployment and so forth. But there is one thread that links them all, says Sharda University. Tracing all the threads back to their origins, we reach a conclusion that they all stem from one

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  • Sharda University Talks About Importance Of Group Dynamics
    11:40 AM

    Many a times in life, we are faced with situations that press for a tenacious understanding of ideas and a flexible perception of the concept. It may very well be reflected in the discussions that we have among a group of people. The discussion could be about anything- as intellectual

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  • How To Be Proactive
    5:58 PM

    Being Proactive in life is important, and being reactive is required, in order to make life better. Confused right? Let us clear it right away. We know the usual importance of being proactive in life and that is why we at Sharda University Noida make sure that each of students keep up with the pace

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  • Sharda University talks about Democratic Education
    12:53 PM

    Sharda University says that in order for students to become an integral part of the democratic structure, it becomes essential for them to be familiar with their rights and responsibilities. This is achieved through Democratic Education. Three essentials of this education are: Freedom – in order to be an active

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  • How To Be Innovative?
    5:09 PM

    There is a motivating renowned fact and a book, winners don’t do different things, they do it differently. Keeping the same thought in mind, Sharda University does things differently instead of doing different things. The alumni of Sharda Noida are well placed on noteworthy designations across the globe and keep

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  • 5 traits that guarantee success by Sharda University
    4:49 PM

    There is no definition of success and similarly, traits of success are not specific too, unless you have a goal in life. With focus in mind, you push yourself with the help of your passion and hard works, which improves your ideas and make you a persistent & optimistic service

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