Sharda Noida

  • Sharda University Says,Education Can Help Solve Intolerance Issue
    2:35 PM

    The growing debate of ‘intolerance’ has brought to the fore front a few issues that have been cropping up in the society since decades and have now escalated to a stunning level. These must be addressed. The entire cry fuelling the idea of intolerance can be very well summed up

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  • Delhi Should Be Commended For Supporting Odd-Even Formula
    12:14 PM

    In a bid to save the environment, Delhi government kicked off its much debated-upon idea of ‘odd-even’ cars with the commencement of the year 2016. While in a fit of rage many termed it as a knee-jerk reaction, various intellectuals have been supporting this move owing to the intention behind

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  • Sharda University Talks About 21st Century Virtues
    11:34 AM

    It’s year 2016 now- 16 years since the 21st century commenced and if we look at the advancement and development that has happened in last 16 years, we would be stunned. Times have been changing so quickly that almost everything seems fleeting. This century is perhaps perfectly analogous to the

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  • Why is it necessary to have Growth Mindset,explains Sharda University
    5:26 PM

    They say learning never ends. And they are right. Learning is a process that never ceases. The moment you think you have learnt enough is the time when the knowledge starts decaying. A person with a fixed mindset finds it difficult to accommodate to a changing lifestyle and environment, says

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  • Simple Ways To Nurture Your Important Relationship
    11:54 AM

    Human beings need more than just basic elements for survival. A person needs other humans, to create a bond of affection, love, care, expectations, expression and each of those components, which are essential for the personal growth of an individual. The Dean of Sharda University highlights that even if you

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  • Sharda University talks about Democratic Education
    12:53 PM

    Sharda University says that in order for students to become an integral part of the democratic structure, it becomes essential for them to be familiar with their rights and responsibilities. This is achieved through Democratic Education. Three essentials of this education are: Freedom – in order to be an active

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