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  • Sharda University Talks About Importance Of Group Dynamics
    11:40 AM

    Many a times in life, we are faced with situations that press for a tenacious understanding of ideas and a flexible perception of the concept. It may very well be reflected in the discussions that we have among a group of people. The discussion could be about anything- as intellectual

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  • Difference Between Visual Literacy And Visual Communication
    12:27 PM

    Visual Literacy and Visual Communication might indicate towards conveying same meaning but there is more to it than meets the eye. Sharda University says that the two words have different semantics. “Visual literacy is the process of learning by seeing, as well as the idea that individuals learn more quickly

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  • Mantras That Will Keep You Mentally Strong
    5:11 PM

    Being physically strong is everyone’s cup of tea, but what bring the success in the end, is how effective and efficient is your psyche which makes you mentally strong. A strong mind assuredly brings success because that will help you to get over your failure. Without a doubt, a mentally strong

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  • Sharda University Believes Online classrooms a foundation for better session
    3:34 PM

    Sharda University firmly believes that absence of quality of teachers is the primary reason why talented students from hinterland find it difficult to complete with city bred counterpart. . As per survey of Sharda University, Salman Khan a Bangladeshi native settled in California realized this and started a online portal

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  • Sharda University believes that Success is the Combination of EQ and IQ
    12:26 PM

    “Winning attitude is example of High EQ” Sharda University highlights the fact that our culture upholds intelligence as the primary measure of person’s worth. EQ (Emotional Quotient) is defined as individual’s ability to identify, evaluate, control and express emotions. The university believes that people with High EQ usually make great

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  • Contributions of Private Universities like Sharda University in Education
    10:18 AM

    University system earlier was in the public domain which reflected the prevailing thought process that the King is supreme for ex. Hollowed  Oxford University  was founded in 1096; its portals were reserved for the privileged   few. Reflecting a class based society where the scions of the first estate had a

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