women empowerment

  • Jagmohan Garg talks about the importance of women empowerment
    5:31 PM

    Jagmohan Garg, Delhi based Real Estate businessman who revolutionized the real estate sector states that it seems like a beacon of hope for many women who long for a better life. It is now held that women can no longer be asked to wait for equal rights.The subject of women

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  • “Right to Pray”, Right or wrong?
    2:52 PM

    Recently, Mumbai High Court commented on a ban put on women to enter the Haji Ali inner sanctum and further supported this by saying that in a country like India, Women should be equally treated as Men, and they have their own fundamental right to pray. Justice VM Kanade and

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  • Sharda University empowering women with the riding camp
    1:03 PM

    Sharda University has recently undertaken a noble initiative towards women empowerment which has stirred inspiration in all its students. The university organized ‘Mega Female Safety Riding Camp’ which was focused on the twin objective of driving and women safety. The event was a huge success as it saw participation from

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