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A look back at 2020: Positives of the pandemic year

A look back at 2020 showcases hidden elements of positivity amidst lockdown, pandemic, and restrictions. The newfound appreciation for small things in life has provoked people to comment upon the good things of the pandemic year in retrospect. Don’t believe it? Here are some highlights:

Clean environment

According to various research papers, PM10, PM2.5, and NO2 particles decreased by approximately 50% in Delhi-NCR, one of the most polluted states in the country, owing to the series of lockdowns. Reduced traffic, limited movement, and regular measures by the state government such as sprinkler truck rounds, firecracker ban and reduced stubble burning contributed to the revival of Mother nature’s true glory.

Power of the Internet

New apps were discovered for ordering ‘almost everything’ online while others found solace in Netflix and similar platforms. A report titled ‘Smartphones and their impact on human relationships 2020’ states that Indians observed a 59% increase in time spent over OTT applications followed by social media consumption (55%) and gaming (45%). From groceries and haircuts to Instagram reels and online shopping, people unleashed the power of the internet.

Work From Home

The new normal. Whooping laptop purchases and improved internet connections transformed the stereotype associated with Work From Home (WFH) into a necessity. Although some didn’t appreciate the blurring lines between professional and personal lives, the majority cherished work from the comfort of their beds with zero travel time and binge eating. On December 31, Zomato made nearly Rs 75 crore with a record 4,254 orders per minute across the country.

Reconnecting with special ones

In a world suffering from generation gaps in a difference of a few years, regular conversations with parents have brought families together. UNO and board games found their way back in the technology-driven world with children helping their parents in house chores. Some learned the necessary skill of cooking while others managed to carve out time for their hobbies. Albeit a smart proportion, some individuals look back at 2020 through the introspection experienced during the lockdown.

Srinivasan Vedam

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