Africa – a continent of innovation hubs

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The African continent is overflowing with a new generation of innovators. It could prove to be the home of various technology disruptions in the future.

According to the research of Quantum Global Angola, various technologies are benefitting from the lack of IT legacy systems in Africa. New and innovative products are being designed around future environmental stressors and demands, without having to ruminate old and traditional systems.

The continent is responsive when it comes to innovation and adaption. The next important thing is to grab every opportunity that comes its way. For the regulation of new technology and innovation, collaborative hubs have been incorporated to act as meeting points for the discussions. There is also a need for a proper environment to allow fresh ideas and improved ways of doing work.

As far as regulatory challenges are concerned, law-focused innovation hubs can help address them. Legal frameworks in Africa will need to adapt to address the changes that innovation brings. It will also have to shield those who invest in, build, implement and use new technologies.

A number of innovative hubs have been set up in various locations around the world, which are proving to be successful in identifying challenges and collaborating on innovative solutions. The partnership of the African continent with the World Economic Forum’s innovation hub in San Francisco is the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It ensures that the firms are adapting to meet the new needs of clients and participate in the discussion to harness innovation that is in the public interest.

For a positive impact on individuals and the societies, the innovative hubs ensure the deployment of technology and science at a fast pace, while minimizing their disadvantages. In Europe, Re-Invent Law is the first Legal Innovation Hub in Continental Europe. It is a hub for the multidisciplinary association, enabling teamwork between lawyers and corporate leaders as well as academics and representatives from NGO’s. It is a place to meet and encourage communication between lawyers and digital experts.

According to a report of Quantum Global Angola, it is important for everyone with an interest in finding solutions, to cooperate, share knowledge, learn from others and contribute. The power of transformation lies in using multi-disciplinary teams to solve the glitches that break boundaries and businesses.

Organized innovation hubs are a powerful mechanism for ensuring that collaboration across Africa. They provide solutions to global challenges. These hubs can turn ideas into practical, implementable solutions. However, it is very important to make them accessible to all. For now, practical methods and steps suggest that the African continent is set to remain the innovation hub for the legal sector in the years to come.

Last modified: August 1, 2018

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