Dhaka based Shinepukur Ceramics is the Giant of the Industry

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Ceramics traces back its inception to the early of civilizations. The evolution of ceramics can be observed from clay pot to bone china dishes, from terracotta to tableware. The material can be mold in any form and nowadays it is used not only to grace the beauty of a household, but also symbolises the status and class of a person.

Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh and the hub of Ceramic materials and objects. This place has everything for everybody. The city offers so many options to the buyers and visitors to choose from. The variants equally create the confusion among the Ceramic lovers to prefer one over the other and spend less by bargaining more. One can easily find unique items at New Market of Dhaka, where expectations meet reality, whether it’s price or variety.

shinepukur Ceramics tableware

The most renowned brand of Tableware Manufacturer  in Bangladesh is Shinepukur Ceramics, which started its operation back in the year 1997. Within the 7 years, it became a subsidiary of Beximco Group as the latter acquired cent percent shares in the former.

Shinepukur Ceramics started commercial production in 1999, where it gave a strong competition to well established brands like Tajma Ceramic Industry and Monno Ceramics. Its Bone China and Porcelain Tableware are impeccable in the whole ceramic industry and that is why its demand is on the rise overseas.

A S F Rahman is the Chairman and Salman F Rahman is the Vice-Chairman of Beximco Group and the sibling also sit on the Board of Directors of the Shinepukur Ceramics. Shinepukur Ceramics provides manufacturing facilities like Porcelain, bone china, decal & mould, packaging, QA & QC. Their shapes, designs and souvenirs are exported across Australia, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Pakistan, Portugal, Russian Federation, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, USA, UK, UAE and more.

Last modified: March 9, 2018

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