TEFL Certification program by Haida HR open new avenues for foreign teachers in China

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The education sector in China has undergone some major changes over the last few years. Leading human resource companies in China like Haida HR have played a key role in bringing skilled foreign teachers to the country. These foreign teachers have in turn been instrumental in changing the existing trends in education, as well as in exchanging new ideologies, which have touched the lives of students all over China.

Apart from meeting the requirements of local institutes, human resource companies like Haida HR are also committedly working towards facilitating teachers expand their career. Haida HR provides a number of facilities to the teachers it hires, which includes free accommodation and a TEFL certification program.

Conducted by experienced and skilled professionals of the company who possess the right expertise and knowledge to train these foreign teachers, the Haida HR TEFL program is offered to the foreign teachers for a proper certification. It also is probably the only free TEFL program in the world.

The TEFL course for this year was conducted by Geoffrey West, the Director of Training and Development, Haida Interact International Co. Ltd. He ensured that the teachers are fully trained and prepared for their future endeavors in the field of teaching.

During the training sessions, West helped the trainees understand the different approaches that are required to teach students from different cultures, speaking different languages. Under his guidance, several teachers passed the test with good scores, and are now teaching at various educational institutions in China.

According to a senior management personnel from Haida HR, this was the first time that someone from the higher management was so closely involved in the TEFL training program. “We intended to make it a great learning curve for these teachers, something they would cherish as they go on teaching students,” the management personnel said.

By providing an important certification program like TEFL at no extra cost, Haida HR is doing its bit to ensure that trainee teachers get ample opportunities to give their career a boost.


Last modified: November 30, 2018

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