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Venezuela – the country that bespeaks diversity

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The continent of South America is steadily treading the path of development. After many centuries of colonization of its various countries, the region is mapping its way to growth. Venezuela is a country which is known particularly for its diversity of people. Situated in the northern coastal region of the South American continent, Venezuela spans across 352,144 square miles of total area.

The country has a great diversity of people living in which includes people from various ethnic groups like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arab, African and indigenous ties. But the diversity of ethnicities has not been translated much into religion disparities as 96% of the total population follows Roman Catholicism. This has kept people united besides their diversities.

According to CNN, President Hugo Chavez is one of the most famous Venezuelans. He was elected as the president three consecutive times. Chavez enjoyed presidency for about 15 years from 1998 to 2013. His presidency ended with his death in 2013 which occurred because of cancer. Chavez attempted two unsuccessful coups.

Another thing which has made the country popular is its food. Venezuela is particularly known for the range of its sweet food items. The popular desserts of the country include dulce de leche and flan. Dulce de leche is a lip-smacking viscous caramel sauce with sugar and milk as its major ingredients. The delight is relished by all those who visit the country. Flan is another must try as it has a gelatin-like consistency.

The famous tourist spots of the country include Angel Falls and La Isla Margarita. Angel Falls is known to be the largest waterfall in the whole world. It is as tall as 3,211 feet and is situated at the Canaima National Park. La Isla Margarita is no less scenic as it has pristine beaches which look all the more beautiful with crystalline waters.


Last modified: March 9, 2018

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